Sunday, February 3, 2013

Target's Dollar Spot Finds

Heart-Shaped Crayons: Yesterday I made a trip to Target specifically looking for the heart-shaped silicone molds they have on hand during Valentine's ($3 for 2 molds).  I decided to make some larger crayons for little hands to hold (I really can't find anything anywhere that works for babies to explore "coloring"- with supervision!).  I bought three packs of off-brand crayons at Walmart (of course I was again wrong in assuming that they would be cheaper here than at Target...), peeled the wrappers off by soaking the crayons in water for a few hours (this took a little 'thumb' grease but it worked), broke them into small pieces and tossed them into the molds.  Ten to fifteen minutes later at 250 degrees and voila!

If you don't want to buy silicone molds, just line a cupcake pan and you get some pretty neat crayons.

I give credit for this idea to where you will find more detailed directions and much more beautiful images.  The one thing I wish I had done was fill the molds with more crayons since they melt down quite a bit, but not bad for a first attempt.  Also note that there is crayon residue left in the molds so you won't be using these for any edible projects afterwards.

Tiny Mailbox: An unexpected find during my venture to the Dollar Spot was this super-cute tiny mailbox ($1).  I thought this would be a great little place to leave Andy messages and little surprises when he is a bit older.  After all, what kid doesn't love getting what could be better than them having their very own mailbox?  And if he ever decides to give something back to the mail carrier, there is a little flag he can leave up :)  I personalized one side by adding his name in puffy t-shirt paint (Michaels $1.20)...but I still think it needs something more.  Ideas?

What kid wouldn't want their very own mailbox?!
Have your own project made from Dollar Spot finds?  Comment below or email a description and photos to and I will post it here.  Check back for new entries or sign up for email updates!

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  1. The dollar aisle at Target is probably one of my favorite places in the universe. Great post! I love these ideas! :)