Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life: Tips 'n Tricks

We could all use some tips 'n tricks to make life a little easier.  Share yours here by emailing comments/photos to!  Or post in comments below!

Make a "fried" egg in under 30 seconds

Crack an egg into a small microwavable Pyrex dish.  Break the yolk with a fork or it will explode :) 

Microwave 10-15 seconds.  Remove, shake around, microwave a few more seconds.

Viola-egg!  About the perfect size for an English muffin.
This can also be done when a recipe calls only for egg yolks.  Put the whites into a dish and follow the same directions.  Can either microwave for use right away, refrigerate to microwave the next morning, or microwave then refrigerate for use the next morning.  Speedy scrumptious breakfast with few dishes.