This is a Collaborative Blog, which depends upon contributions from our members to survive.  Please explore, comment, suggest, critique and enjoy!  If you have an idea for a new Blog posting or would like to contribute, please email me at mamaincontrol2013@gmail.com!

Coordinator: Amy Irving (Madison, WI)

Email: mamaincontrol2013@gmail.com

Facebook Group: "Mama in Control" Collaborative Blog


Welcome to our Collaborative Blog!  With too few minutes in any given day, this means that as a team we can contribute to and maintain a central resource with information on how we feed, clothe, entertain and educate our children.  Everyone is welcome to comment on posts and encouraged to write their own posts.  Below is a bit about each of our members in our little community.  If you would like to join email a description and photo to me at mamaincontrol2013@gmail.com and I will add you to the community!

Amy Irving (Madison, WI)

Amy is currently splitting her time between raising her son Andrew and finishing up her PhD.  Either one of these is a full-time plus job on its own, so she is always looking for ways to simplify life while still keeping it full of wonderful experiences for her family.  With all those extra minutes in the day she works on Andy's baby scrapbook, looks for fun projects for him to do and makes scrumptious baby food.  Amy believes that community parenting is key to both a happy baby and a happy mama, and hopes that this blog can serve to create a virtual community in which to raise our children.

Katie Irving (Kenosha, WI)

Kids: Jameson (3.5 years)

Kendra Ryckman (Nashville, TN)

Kendra is a WAHM raising two close-in-age kiddos who love to giggle and make messes.  She teaches skin care and makeup application through her Mary Kay business and helps others live their dream because she believes being a beautiful mommy isn't a crime but not having a choice to stay home to raise your kiddos is.  Her other obsession is cooking homemade, non-processed meals for her family which includes baking some awesome bread twice a month and shopping her local farmer's market.


  1. I like your ideas! And I love the layout of your blog; it's aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. Don't give up!

  2. Thanks! I've really had fun with it and have more ideas than I have time to post, but Its an awful lot of work if its not going to be read, so I hope the "collaborative" idea takes off little by little. If you ever want to contribute let me know!