Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mission RAOK

Adapted from: http://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/?p=12147&preview=true

Wanting to instill a strong sense of humanity in my children, I've always thought the concept of "random acts of kindness" was a great one.  Then I came across a posting on Pinterest that led me to a blog that led me to adapt these tags below that can be passed from person to person.  I think when a child begins to imagine how their one simple act can create a ripple effect with no imaginable end they will feel empowered by what they can do.  Please feel free to adapt these to your needs and pass them on (PDF download link below)!

Print front and back, cut out, laminate, punch a hole for a ribbon and send your tag into the world!  These could also be printed on two separate sheets of paper or cardstock to create a sort of envelope closed on three sides and open on the top or side for small items (stamps, coins, a funny comic strip, etc).

Adult Version Front & Back

Kids Version Front & Back
I also keep coming across posts on Pinterest for coloring plates with Sharpies and baking to make permanent.  I am planning on making a "RAOK" plate sometime soon (will post when I do).  Fill it with goodies and give it to someone to be refilled and passed on!

Please leave your ideas for small 'Acts' below in the Comments section!

Download a PDF of the tags here!

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